Happy Older is an internationally registered brand of Medextra BV, which has focused on multi supplements and multi antioxidants, which started with the success of KURKUMIX for muscles, joints, bones and cartilage.

The founder of Happy Older is Jan Brokerhof. Jan had actually stopped doing business. He had set up several companies and managed to make them successful.

When Jan discovered that the mix of turmeric with other natural ingredients gave him more pleasure in life again after 20 years, he looked into this further. He would love to tell you all about it, but this is not allowed on this website, according to the law.

Jan bought old equipment from a pharmacy to make tablets himself. Not to start a business, but to create a unique product for himself - which was not for sale anywhere - namely, turmeric, mixed with other natural substances and called it KURKUMIX.

Friends, family and acquaintances were given the miracle pills by Jan for free to try out as well. Everyone was enthusiastic and the users became very happy with these combinations and asked for more. Jan thought this was so great that he decided that he could not keep the recipe to himself and founded the brand KURKUMIX, based on turmeric, mixed with other natural ingredients. The KURKUMIX 9in1 supplement with 9 natural substances was born.

Because Jan spoke to many English-speaking people and told them enthusiastically about his combination tablet, this target group also wanted to order the product. People do not know the word turmeric in English and therefore missed the meaning of the brand KURKUMIX. Turmeric is called turmeric in English. A new name for the English-speaking market would then have to be turmeric mix. That word doesn't sound right and you break your tongue over it.

Everyone wants to age healthy and vital.
Therefore, it is important to exercise regularly in addition to eating healthily. That's why it's important to take certain vitamins and minerals in addition to regular exercise. Jan took individual supplements daily, including Q10, PQQ, OPCs, Astaxanthin, Glutathione (plays a role in antioxidant systems), Vitamins A, B12, C, Zinc and Resveratrol. He also told his English-speaking friends about the benefits of these loose food supplements and said that he took them "to become happily older".

Taking more than 14 individual tablets and capsules every day? Surely this could be done more efficiently and cheaply, was Jan's thinking. The production of 10 different food supplements, packing them in 14 different jars, shipping them, etc., could be much more efficient, couldn't it? Putting those 14 ingredients into one tablet and taking one tablet is also easier. Research showed that this kind of combination product with the right amount of nutrients was not for sale. Jan commissioned the production of this type of multi supplement. Because turmeric is not the basis here and because Jan wanted an international name for his multiple combination preparations, the name Happy Older was eventually chosen.

Currently available:
BLACK Multi collagen with five types of collagen powder.
PINK KURKUMIX 9-in1 tablets.
RED 14-in-1 tablets.
GREEN 12-in-1 tablets.

The hallmark of Happy Older products:
  • Made with ingredients from nature.
  • Combining nutrients, so more economical than separate supplements.
  • The Happy Older products complement each other, so they can be used together and have a strengthening effect. Only RED and GREEN contain some of the same substances. Therefore, when combining all products, choose RED OR GREEN.


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